I’m Dr. Nashwa Fouad and this is my story…

Today I’m 57 years young (turning 58). For the first 40 years of my life, I never felt I really had a story to tell like I have now. My story is one of passion, growth, gratitude and self-discovery; my mission is to leave knowledge behind. Allowing more experts with the same passion to help people; for knowledge is power, and it remains.

As a graduate from the Faculty of Medicine – Ain Shams University, and holder of a Professional Diploma in Clinical Nutrition with over 10 years of experience in the field. It was through my own challenges and experiences that I found passion in helping others understand the meaning of lifestyle modification. For a long time – when I opened my first clinic – I was fighting the odds of treating my patients differently; allowing people to feel seen and heard in their bodies and giving them the space and knowledge to slowly and steadily lose weight rather than the constant chase of a number on a scale.

In 2013 I opened my second clinic ‘HCC’ in Rehab City. And in 2017 I became the first Emotional Eating coach in Egypt, driven by a challenge of helping people deal with emotions usually linked to eating habits. Throughout my continuous studies; I decided to introduce the first Health Coaching program in Egypt with Intellect institute.

On the 31st of January 2019, right before the planned timing to introduce the CHC program, I was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and my life took a new turn.

Throughout my healing journey during that year, I was faced with different physical as well as emotional challenges that I used as my driver to learn more about cancer coaching and its importance. The end of my healing journey marked the birth of the newest module ‘Cancer Coaching’ to the first CHC program in Egypt. From that program graduated the first two cancer coaches in Egypt, that is something I am proud of and grateful for. And the Health Coaching program has by far graduated an estimated 100 coaches with a passion to help change mindsets around health, wellness, lifestyle modification and behavioral change.